5 Tips for doing business with 3D printers

Tips for 3d printer business: setting up a business focused on business with 3D printers is challenging but can provide a lot of satisfaction and success for anyone who has the guts to start. There is no manual to reach your goals in this market, but you can start it all on the right track by following some important steps.

To help, we at Wishbox have put together these key recommendations below. Here are 5 tips for doing business with 3D printers :

5 tips for doing business with 3D printers

1. Get an innovative idea

Doing business with 3D printers is one of the newest trends on the market, but that alone is not enough to bring you success. 

Your goal should always be to add value to the market. 

That is, try to offer a product that sells because it is innovative , not only because it is related to 3D printing.

In this mental exercise, you must also develop the differentials of your business, what your potential customer only gets when buying from you.

A good example of this creativity to innovate is the Vortic Watches Co., an American company that brings back incredible custom timepieces back in the past. They make your product by combining cutting edge 3D technology and vintage technology with the old methods of manufacturing, the result is incredible-looking watches.

2. Sell a service, not products

Many people have paper printers at home: so how do you keep printers working? The secret of this issue must be the great motivator of your business: the focus must be on offering a service, not just products.

One tip to add more value to the service offered is to provide in addition to printing a customized 3D design of the item and quality post-production (product finish).

3. Look for good references

There are several companies that have become successful when doing business with 3D printers. An example is the 3D Trophy Factory, which specializes in the production of trophies via 3D printing, is able to deliver highly customized products to each customer.

Another good reference is Print +, which specializes in the development of innovative headphones. 

Through 3D printing, they incorporated the “DIY” Do It Yourself ( DIY) trend, where each customer can purchase the design and electronic components and print their own handset in the desired color and size.

In this way, Print + succeeded in offering a customized product that optimizes resources and logistics. They saw through 3D printing, using Ultimaker, a way of approaching ideas from reality, creating possible materials to be printed in the desired design form.

4. Keep costs down

Having finances under control is essential for any type of business. Regardless of how much capital you have invested in, it is very important that you know how to keep costs low. 

Choose a base of operations that is efficient and does not compromise your budget. How about thinking about a coworking space?

During the initial stage of your company’s life, it is also essential to find alternatives to certain types of expenses, such as travel and hiring.

5. Acquisition of 3D printer X outsource of printing

To analyze which one is the best option for your business, you need to consider the pros and cons of acquiring your printer or outsource processes. 

Outsourcing means no investment in a 3D printer or training. However, lead-time and high long-term cost can still be significant when compared to a 3D printer acquisition.

Desktop 3D printers offer a great alternative to prototyping, for example, without requiring a significant financial investment.

Today it is even possible to produce end pieces, with the range of materials offered by printers such as UIltimaker. They deliver professional results, lower costs, faster lead times, freedom to customize and more customer interactions.

In addition, you achieve greater scalability, that is, you perform your productions according to your demand. If you need higher productivity, you can easily increase your number of printers to meet the volume.

FDM 3D Printer
FDM Ultimaker 3D printers are a great alternative to prototyping.

In addition to these tips for applying 3D printers to your business, we are at helping you to indicate that you keep an eye on the trends and forecasts of 3D prints.

Thinking about it, we developed an infographic to get you inside this technological market. And now, all set to kickstart your business with 3D printers?